I find wood the most forgiving of all materials. Yet, it is also a material, which requires the utmost patience. First I let the wood dry as a log or tree stump for seven years. I then rough out the shape of the piece carving out the natural cracks within the wood. Again, I put the piece aside for up to a year to allow for any final checking to appear. I then create a sculpture which will reflect the original logs own inherent strength.


I carve many kinds of wood: walnut, myrtle, redwood, monkey pod… The walnut comes from friends who have orchards in the Sacramento valley, and the myrtle & redwood from people who lose a tree and have heard that I will carve the wood. The monkey pod is from Kauai where it lay hidden in a storage yard for decades.

The finished piece is oiled over and over by hand to bring out the grain. Wood is an exciting material that requires concentration and infinite patience to carve.