As a young child I loved to make sand castles on the beach. But, people never recognized my castles because they were really my first abstract sculptures. I have worked in almost every material, form, and scale; from carved stone to neon, argon or mercury gas-filled blown glass; from classical clay figures to welded or cast metal abstract objects; from jewelry size sculptures to monumental forty-foot fabric installations and landscape garden designs. This encompassing experience drew me back to the oldest material of Man, the one that I continue to find the most expressive … Stone. My stone sculpture created out of hard rock appear almost soft.

About T Barny

Enjoy this video made when I was an emerging artist and when video was still young as well…

How is T Barny unique?

When working in my studio, I am often asked about being an artist. Here are some thoughts about what it means to have a 30 year career in Stone…

Tinos Video 1

I traveled to the island of Tinos in June 2002. I worked for three weeks in the studio of Petros Dellatolas completing commissions for 8 collectors. A highlight was the two crates of various marble I shipped back along with my roughed out commissions. This video was shot on Hi-8 tape and made before digital editing!

T Barny in Italy 2006

In 2006 I had the opportunity to spend three weeks in Carrara, Italy. I had the pleasure of working in the Arco Arte Studio of Boutros Romhein.

T Barny - Sculptor

This professional profile of me was done for the Hunter Kirkland Gallery in Santa Fe by David Schler.


A native of California, with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, T Barny has been creating sculpture professionally for over 37 years. During his career, T Barny has produced over 900 works in steel, bronze, wood and water but his fascination is with stone. He has carved 204 different kinds of rock from 43 countries. His work has been shown in over 90 galleries worldwide and he has participated in more than 500 individual and group exhibitions.

The sculptures that T Barny creates present a visual wonder and beg the question, “How does he do that?” T Barny aspires to create sculptures that reflect a world filled with magic and wonder. His works are produced through a method of direct carving, which entails no preconceived notions or models from which to derive the final shape of his pieces. Instead, he allows the natural rhythms of the materials he uses to guide him to a final product, rich with serene fluidity.

A patron that commissions a work of art is not only making an investment in the future value of the work, he is also providing the artist with the ability to pursue creative endeavors. When commissioning a work of art, it is important for the investor to know that the monetary value of the work will increase over time and that the creative and emotional value of the work will be sustained for generations. In addition, it is important for the patron to trust that his investment will contribute to the future of the artist, as well as to the progression of the artist’s body of work.



T Barny bronzes are limited editions of six, twelve or twenty-five. The artist states, “If wood is the most forgiving material, then bronze is the most stubborn. Unlike my experience …READ MORE…



Creating sculpture takes patience. Creating Calcite sculpture takes extraordinary patience. Working with Calcite is a different experience than working with marble or granite. Like the grain pattern in a piece of wood, marble has a bedding plane. When  …READ MORE…



Originally sculpted of Italian Alabaster, this 2006 Mobius design was chosen by the artist to represent the celebration of T25, his 25th Year of Sculpture. This ‘Commemorative Piece’, …READ MORE…



Water as sculpture creates a challenge for the artist. The challenge is to integrate both the sight and sound of the water into the sculpture; to vary the look and sound of water means moving it over and through different surfaces. The popularity of fountains  …READ MORE…



The Mobius Strip was discovered in 1858 by German mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Mobius. His pioneering work in Topology led to what it is known as the Mobius Transformation.  …READ MORE…



I find wood the most forgiving of all materials. Yet, it is also a material, which requires the utmost patience. First I let the wood dry as a log or tree stump for seven years. I then rough out the shape of the piece carving out the natural cracks …READ MORE…


Every year the T Barny marketing team creates an event to celebrate the new T Barny Sculptures. Each event has a distinct theme and target audience. Below are some videos which capture a few of these events.

Video #1: Historic Openings

Video #2: T Barny Gallery Events

Video #3: Italy Event 2007

Located in the beautiful Alexander Valley wine country in California, T Barny established the gallery in 2003. The Gallery & Sculpture Gardens is the annual site for the private collector’s show in June and Art Trails Open Studios which is open to the public in October. Individual appointments and larger group tours can be arranged for studio demonstrations and gallery shows. Viewing an exhibit at the T Barny Gallery & Sculpture Gardens is an exciting opportunity for all. It is that one time chance to see the new pieces before they find new homes or are shipped off to galleries.

T Barny is represented by these wonderful Galleries:

Mary Titus Gallery, Carmel, California
Corricks, Santa Rosa, California
Hunter Kirkland Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Melissa Morgan Fine Arts, Palm Desert, California
Prelude, Green Music Center, Rohnert Park, CA
Arena Galleries
Kelsey Michaels Fine Art, Laguna Beach, CA


When I am in my studio creating it always feels as if everything is right with the world. Over the years I have captured the birth of various sculptures from stone to art. I did this first with photography and then later using a GoPro camera while I carve.