T Barny’s upcoming exhibition at Hunter Kirkland in Santa Fe,  ‘Synesthesia’, reflects his mission to engage with every sense of those who view his sculpture. The exhibition opens on September 8th, and will continue throughout the month of September.

T Barny is emphatic when he describes his work as ‘touchable.’ He wants his sculpture to not only be seen, but also experienced through touch. “In a world where physical contact is most often the result of tapping a screen, I want you to touch and twist my art.” T Barny puts a bearing in the base of each work, so that you can touch and turn the sculpture.  His abstract sculpture features loops and ribbons of highly polished stone that create a new facade with every turn of the piece.

His show will include stone from Morocco to Italy, and from Argentina to Costa Rica. “I think the unusual patterns and colors of my sculptures encourages the use of all the viewers senses.” T Barny wants to stretch the way stone sculpture is viewed, and this show does just that.

T Barny has been carving for over 35 years, and showing in Santa Fe for 28 years. He has created sculpture from 205 different stone from 45 different countries.