World renowned stone sculptor, T Barny, creates his first piece of wearable sculpture. The original sculpture, CIRCO, is a classic trefoil mobius strip carved from Utah calcite. The sculpture is 23” in height and weighs 76 lbs. Through advances in 3D printing, this sculpture was scanned, reduced and replicated into unique pieces of heirloom jewelry 1″ high. Limited Edition Wearable Sculpture is now available exclusively through the Artist’s Alexander Valley studio.
PROCESS: T Barny researched materials to find the best fit for the look he wanted to achieve. This is “Objet Veroclear”. It enables 3D printers to create highly accurate designs. It is reminiscent of Alabaster which catches the light.
EASY CARE: To clean this wearable sculpture, use dish soap and a soft toothbrush under warm water. Wash gently and air dry on a towel.

CIRCO Pendant $75

CIRCO Earrings $100

CIRCO Box Set $150

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