Originally sculpted of Italian Alabaster, this 2006 Mobius design was chosen by the artist to represent the celebration of T25, his 25th Year of Sculpture. This ‘Commemorative Piece’, in recognition of this milestone, was first cast in stone in an Edition of 25. T Barny chose cast stone which is resin based with stone powders injected to create the look, sparkle, light and the elegance of the original alabaster. During the casting of this piece the original didn’t survive the process and therefore no longer exists. The title is “Catena”, which is defined as a ‘Chain of Connected Ideas’.

This interpretation defines and clarifies the true evolution of T Barny’s 25th year as a sculptor, his passion which is carved into stone and the reason we celebrate his One Quarter Century of Creative Excellence.

The cast stone series quickly sold out. However, a bronze series has been created in the same size measuring 11in.x 9in.x 6in. It is titled CATENA B. In addition to this, the piece was also scanned larger to be offered as CATENAX which measures 41in.x 41in.x 31in. Upon his 35 year, these two sizes are offered in Editions of 25 in a variety of gem colored patinas.