T Barny bronzes are limited editions of six, twelve or twenty-five. The artist states, “If wood is the most forgiving material, then bronze is the most stubborn. Unlike my experience with wood & stone, I force bronze into a pre-existing form. Here I ask the bronze to transform itself into a T Barny sculpture.” The wax molds are taken off of original stone or wood sculptures. The molds are then cast with molten bronze at the Bronze Plus Foundry in Sebastopol, California. The bronze is cast by placing the wax image in a ceramic shell mold and then casting the bronze using the lost wax technique. The cast bronze then must be sanded to a smooth, fine finish before applying a patina.

The “Patina” process is a chemical oxidation of the metal’s surface in the direction of a particular color. T Barny’s patina knowledge comes from extensive research and testing of the ‘color direction’ as he ran the foundry at the Rhode Island School of Design. “At RISD, I had the chance to experiment with creating different colors of patina on my finished work. Sometimes I would repeat the process many times on the same piece to find the right combination, and sometimes I hit the mark on the first try.”


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